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Guaranteed to provide you with the best quality pump valve products

Strong production capacity to create quality pump valve products

Since the establishment of jiangsu hongguang pump valve technology co., LTD., through the efforts of all "hongguang" people and the enthusiastic

Production of various pump valve products, metallurgy complete sets of equipment.

The company hasExcellent production equipment, heat treatment equipment, pickling, passivation equipmen



Each link is strictly implemented, and quality is more guaranteed

Perfect quality inspection process, strictFollow ISO quality management system,Processing procedures, interlinked, products have been certified by the state;


From the product ofMold opening evaluation, manufacturing process, production process, post-process processing, surface treatment

Specialization, refinement, high quality

Considering customers from details is our service concept;


Always follow the principle of "quality first, customer first, keep improving, work hard and innovate scientific research".Quality policy


In line with the principle of honest management, we are aggressive and pioneering. After years of hard work,Save time and cost for customers

Professional after-sales service system, let you look after without worry!

Any customer complaint is followed up and dealt with by a professional after-sales service specialist. 48Hourly on site processing


Strictly control r&d, creative design, product quality, after-sales service, high quality and efficiency

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Jiangsu hong guang pump valve technology co., LTD was founded, we are committed to "hong guang" product research and development, through the efforts of all "hong guang" people with friends from all walks of life dedicated to helping and support, development up to now, has become a universal coverage of iron and steel products, electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, food hygiene, such as municipal environmental protection industry medium-sized enterprises. The company mainly produces GWZB, GNZB series high efficiency and energy saving self-priming pump, WFB no seal type self-priming pump, IH chemical pump, section D series more self balancing pump, MS type single-stage double-suction open type centrifugal pump, the HJ corrosion of alkali pump, CZ series standard chemical pump, FY series submerged pump, HGXS type high efficiency and energy saving single-stage double-suction centrifugal pump of 28 kinds of material, 30 series more than 1000 specifications special alloy chemical pumps, valves, stainless steel pipe, fluorine pipe parts.....
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