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Our company solemnly promises to ensure the implementation of the following after-sales service content:

1、Warranty period of one year, warranty period free of charge on-site maintenance and training (except for easily damaged parts). Parts that need to be replaced due to improper use or non-product quality are not free of charge.

2、After receiving the repair notice, arrive at the scene as soon as possible and solve the problem.To achieve customer needs as the center, customer satisfaction as the standard.

3、After receiving the quality problem information reflected by the user, respond quickly, provide professional support and reply quickly until the user is satisfied with the quality.

4、The user can consult the technical questions through the after-sales call and get a clear solution.

5、After the delivery of goods to the site, according to the time required by the user to the site technical services, free of charge for users to guide installation, commissioning, technical advice or technical training, help the user to train operations and maintenance personnel.

6、The company promises the above warranty service when the user has a performance failure in normal use.In addition, the company will comply with the relevant laws and regulations if there are other explicit provisions in the national laws and regulations.

7、During the warranty period, paid maintenance services are provided in the following cases:

(1)、Damage caused by natural phenomena considered irresistible.

(2)、Failure or damage caused by improper operation.

(3)、Failure or damage due to modification, decomposition, or assembly of the product.


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Contacts : Mr.Zhong
Tel : 0523-84892929
Fax : 0523-84329900
Address:No. 5-5, Taisix Wei, Lishi Village, Xinqiao Town, Jingjiang City