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The development status of China's pump industry

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In recent years, the pump industry in our country has been developing rapidly, but most pump manufacturing enterprises in our country have not big scale, the product renewal is not fast enough, the quality is not high enough, and there is still a big gap with the foreign pump in many aspects. At present, the supply of ordinary products of industrial pumps exceeds the demand, the special products of high level and high quality are in short supply, and need to be imported from abroad, the level of products is far from the requirements of customers. The phenomenon of unreasonable industrial structure and product structure is especially obvious. The products reach the advanced level of the contemporary world very little, most of them only reach the level of late 1980s and early 1990s, which can not adapt to the change of market demand structure.

On the one hand, the backlog of products is serious, on the other hand, the badly needed products in the market are too slow or short to break out of the pattern of traditional products. The dynamic gap with foreign countries has not narrowed, the situation is not optimistic. In the design of pumping station, only a few finite-type products with similar performance can be selected, which not only reduces the efficiency of pumping station, but also leaves a lot of unsafe hidden trouble. Most water pump manufacturing enterprises in China are small in scale and lack of high-precision processing, testing and other processing equipment. New processes, new materials, new technologies (including CAD/CAM, etc.) have not been widely popularized and applied.

In the foreign, the development speed of pump  is faster, the technology is also more advanced.
The importance they attach to the design and manufacture of pump and the study of pump  is indeed worthy of our study and reference, but it does not mean that they are perfect in the field of pump design and manufacture. It is also necessary to make a breakthrough in the important parameters such as pump head and flow rate, which requires the input of strength in the improvement of pump mechanical structure.



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