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The development trend of pump technology in China

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The vitality of the product lies in the demand of the market. Todayundefineds market demand is required to have their own characteristics of the product, so as to be different. It is this point that has created a diversified trend of pump products.Its diversity is mainly reflected in the diversity of pump transport medium, the difference of product structure and the difference of operation requirements, etc.

In view of the diversity of transport media, the earliest pump was used to transport single water and other liquid that can flow. Gas or slurry can be used to transport solid. There are mainly the following points: multiplex liquid mixture of products, gas-liquid mixture, Solid-liquid-gas mixture until it conveys live objects such as potatoes, fish, etc. Different conveying objects have different internal structure requirements for the pump.

In addition to the delivery of different requirements for the pump structure, in the pump installation form, pipe layout form. Maintenance and other aspects of the pump internal or external structure are new requirements. At the same time, the manufacturers, in the structure of the design of the concept of their own enterprises, to increase the pump structure of diversification.

Based on the overall background of sustainable development and environmental protection, the pump operating environment has put forward many requirements for pump design, such as reducing leakage. The noise vibration is reduced and the reliability is increased. Life prolongation and so on all put forward different emphases or several emphases to be considered in the design of the pump, which will inevitably form the diversified form of the pump.

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