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What are the advantages of magnetic pumps?

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Magnetic pump is a kind of magnetic drive (magnetic coupling) to realize the transmission of non-contact torque so as to replace the dynamic seal with static seal, so that the pump can achieve no leakage. As the pump shaft, the inner magnetic rotor is completely closed by the pump body and the isolation sleeve, the problem of "running, dropping and leaking" is solved thoroughly, and the safety hidden danger of flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful media leaking through the pump is eliminated in the refining and chemical industry. To ensure the physical and mental health of workers and safety in production.

Compared with centrifugal pumps with mechanical or packing seals, magnetic pumps have the following advantages:

1、The pump shaft changed from dynamic seal to sealed static seal, completely avoiding medium leakage.

2、No need for independent lubrication and cooling water, reducing energy consumption.

3、From coupling drive to synchronous drag, there is no contact and friction. It has the advantages of low power consumption, high efficiency and damping effect, which reduces the effect of motor vibration on pump and the effect of pump cavitation vibration on motor.

4、In case of overload, the inner and outer magnetic rotor are relatively slippage, which can protect the motor and pump.


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Contacts : Mr.Zhong
Tel : 0523-84892929
Fax : 0523-84329900
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