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WFB self-priming pump without seal

产品名称: WFB self-priming pump without seal
产品类别: Self-priming pump
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发布时间: 2018-07-26


WFB series self - suction pump without sealing is the first product to fill domestic air self. At present, we produce stainless steel, 316, reinforced polypropylene, cast copper, wear - resistant copper, cast iron and other materials series of complete machines, seven different types of more than 1000 specifications. It is widely used in electronics, electric power, chemical industry, iron and steel industry, medicine, food, electricity, environmental protection, fire control, municipal services, clean water, national defense military industry, textile printing and dyeing, mining and mineral processing, civil construction and other industries, and is well received by users.


(1)、Our factory adopts: "pump multi-side centrifugal sealing device", which eliminates the packing seal, packing seal and mechanical seal of the traditional pump, and completely overcomes the "running, rising, dropping, leakage", which is the most ideal equipment to replace various long shaft downpump, diving pump and slop pump.

(2)、During operation, the sealing device has no friction and wear, and its service life is more than 10 times longer than that of the similar products.

(3)、With the principle of separation of air and water, the self-absorption performance is stable and reliable, especially with "electric air control valve", the phenomenon of siphon is completely destroyed, and the "one-time drainage and lifetime self-absorption are truly realized.

(4)、Small vibration, low noise, flexible movement, easy to disassemble, easy to install, without anchor.

(5)、With superior upper and lower water level automatic alarm function, it can be used with high-tech field and highly automatic system.

3、Application features of different shapes

The rectangular type and cone type provide you with different choices. The explosion proof type is suitable for the flammable and explosive environment. With the help of a safety three-dimensional housing, in the open air operations, effective rain, fog, moisture, moisture protection; The cart move type can move the pump to any station you need.






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