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GNZB series high efficiency intelligent self-priming pumps

产品名称: GNZB series high efficiency intelligent self-priming pumps
产品类别: Self-priming pump
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发布时间: 2018-07-26






GNZB series high efficiency intelligent self-priming pump is according to the national "energy saving and emission reduction" requirements, and to meet the needs of the market, in conjunction with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Intelligent Machinery, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology Institute of fluid Machinery, A new type of high-efficiency energy-saving self-priming pump developed jointly. The product has passed the national acceptance, its performance parameters are up to the national standard CB3216-89.


GNZB series self-priming pump is developed on the basis of ordinary self-priming pump. When working, the pump can quickly separate the gas released from the suction pipe or medium from the transport medium, and quickly discharge from the volute of the pump. Under the action of the intelligent device, the pump can start the effluent directly, and the discharge of the pump and the outlet water can achieve synchronous work.




GMZB series self-priming pump products are ideal substitutes for subliquid pump, long shaft spring, submersible pump, common self-priming pump, fire pump and pneumatic diaphragm pump. Widely used in steel, chemical, petroleum, power, metallurgy, environmental protection, construction, sewage treatment, pharmaceutical, tap water and other fields. Its different impeller patterns and materials, can transport various concentrations of acid, alkali, salt, water, sewage and other media. It can also be designed and manufactured according to the different needs of users.


(1)、High efficiency and energy saving, this pump adopts wellhead type installation, the inlet and outlet has no bend design, overcomes the bend loss in the course of water flow. The impeller and volute are designed by special hydraulic model and advanced production technology. Compared with ordinary self-priming pump, its working efficiency can be increased by 20-30, and its energy consumption is more than that of conventional self-priming pump.

(2)、The pump adopts the special motor of self-priming pump, which is equipped with international famous brand bearing, with high precision, good reliability, long life, stable operation, no noise, and fast self-priming speed (self-priming time is zero seconds).

(3)、When the pump is installed, it can be operated directly without adding water. It can also ensure the cleanliness of the pump and the site.

(4)、The pump is vertical structure, easy to install, stable foot, compact structure, small capital investment, low operation and maintenance costs. Motor bearings are equipped with filling holes and oil discharge holes, bearing maintenance is very convenient.

(5)、The intelligent system of water pump has no transmission parts, no vibration and mechanical failure, no maintenance and repair.

(6)、Pump axial length is short, easy maintenance, no higher maintenance space and large lifting equipment.
(7)、The pump can be designed as axial suction and suction in any radial direction according to the needs of users, which can meet the requirements of different working conditions.





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